February, 2013

5 Tips for a Clean, Shiny, & Dry Car with Touchless Automatics

If you have a touchless automatic or tunnel, there are things you may not be aware of.   Five major factors come into play when you clean without friction. First is water quality.  Water must be soft (0 GR) for the soaps to work properly.  Most soaps have some softening agents in them, but this is an expensive way to soften water. Second is temperature. Soaps work best at warm temperatures. ...

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Benefits of Soft Water in Your Car Wash

Almost everyone in the car wash industry hears about the benefits of soft water on a very regular basis.  Distributers and service/installation companies all want to sell water softeners with car wash system and insist that soft water is a necessity in cleaning cars.  Owners and operators are told of the chemical benefits of having soft water every time a chemical sales person walks on their...

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February Product Spotlight – PDQ ProTouch ICON The ProTouch ICON is a new three-brush gantry-style system that offers superior aesthetics, a larger wash envelope, next generation brush control precision, amazing illumination packages and revenue generating features that are synonymous with all PDQ car wash equipment. The ProTouch ICON was engineered to deliver incredible cleaning results...

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