June, 2013

Maximize Productivity when Business is Slow

Through careful planning, you can improve your business during slow months It’s inevitable. Weather drives car wash demand and the summer months are slow in many parts of the country. Regardless of whether it’s during the summer, or some other time of year, there are seasonal changes in demand at most car wash facilities. The real question is what to do when volume is high to maximize...

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SPOTLIGHT – Blendco Wall Brite Cleaner

June Product Spotlight – Blendco Wall Brite Wall Cleaner Blendco’s new Wall Brite Formula is a super strong acid blend designed to clean glazed ceramic tile, painted and protected brick and cinder block and FRP walls and surfaces. Compare to advertise non-HF wall cleaners Priced economically and available in 6 gallon pails and 30 gallon drums. As low as $80 for a 6 gallon container...

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Keep Your Automatic Wash Bay Clean

Tips & Reasons to Help you Keep your Wash Clean and Customers coming back from great experience As we continue through the summer months, we would like to remind our valued customers that a clean car wash bay is important for car wash patrons to receive the results they expect during each wash cycle. There are many factors to maintaining a car wash that consistently provides satisfactory...

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