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Lander, WY Install & Testimonial

Recent Install and Testimonials

AutoAuto Wash recently installed a new PDQ Laserwash 360 touchfree wash for a long time, valued customer in Lander, Wyoming.

Ron Hansen with One Stop Market in Lander, Wyoming has been a long time customer and in 2009 built a ground up multi-SS and 2 bay automatic car wash.  AutoAuto Wash installed 1 automatic, but prepped the second bay for another automatic.  Business slowly grew to a volume that justified a second automatic.  This year Ron installed the second automatic and hasn’t looked back.

In Ron’s own words:  

 “ We recently added the PDQ Laserwash 360 touchless automatic to our existing carwash operation of 4 self serve bays (Ginsan) and 1 PDQ M-5 touchless automatic.  Simply put, the install went great and I experienced far fewer problems and start up issues than I expected.  The crew from AutoAuto Wash were very professional and timely in doing the job of the install and the pride in their work showed.  The Laserwash 360 has greatly exceeded my expectations as the daily maintenance issues are minimal and the reliability of the equipment has been stellar so far.  PDQ really listened to the operators when engineering this upgrade from the M5.  I would enthusiastically recommend anyone looking at the Laserwash 360 to proceed and do it the AutoAuto Wash as the brain power they possess for the carwash world is amazing.  From start to finish they did what they promised and did so on time and on budget – something that is not found much in the marketplace anymore.”

For me, as the President of AutoAuto Wash, customers like Ron and their satisfaction make my days all worthwhile.  Our mantra is really quite simple:  AutoAuto Wash is a service organization first and foremost;  if we provide exceptional service with focus on integrity and pride, and do the right thing, sales will follow good service.

Too often the distributors that I have seen, focus on sell, sell, sell and don’t deliver on the service and support part of the business.  We decided long ago to reverse this thought process and EARN the business first.  We will go out of our way to invest in the relationship, no matter if it takes years by providing exceptional support and exceed the customer’s expectations.

To me, this is a longer term business strategy.

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