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SPOTLIGHT – PDQ Gatling Guns

This Month’s Product Spotlight features: PDQ Gatling Guns

PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems

Operators are all looking to increase car counts, increase revenue per car and lower expenses.   It is often difficult to justify to the customer an increase in package pricing… here is a relatively inexpensive investment with maximum impact to the cleaning and perception of the customer.

You can add the gatling guns to your in bay automatic wash and increase your top wash price.  8 zero degree nozzles spin and literally blast the dirt and mud off of the rocker panels, tires and wheels.  The visual and audio experience adds value to the customer.  The visual impact is impressive for the customer in line waiting for the wash.  You couldn’t buy a more effective advertising program than the gatling guns running!   They see the added value real time!   The customer in the wash hears the gatling guns as they clean the rocker panels, wheels and tires confirming the upcharge they paid was a good investment.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with electric gatling guns! Gatling Guns offer enhanced cleaning capabilities for the wheel, tire, and rocker panel areas. This cone shaped dirt destroyer slices through mud and grime. Sixteen zero-degree V-Jet nozzles blast dirt away in areas that conventional spray methods seldom reach.

• Two Gatling gun assemblies, each containing 8 zero degree V-Jet nozzles, manifold, motor/gearbox and mounting hardware
• SST construction
• Fiberglass control box and controls for activating the rotating motors
• Designed to work in conjunction with your existing underbody manifold but can be stand-alone
• Optional changeover kit (Auxiliary Entrance Service Activation Kit) contains hose, fittings and solenoid valves that allow you to select which wash package to use the electric Gatling guns

• Improved wash quality
• Fully integrated with your LaserWash, LW4000, G5 or M5
• Direct-drive electric motor eliminates hydraulics and nearly eliminates maintenance
• Can allow you to differentiate between your wash packages (with optional changeover kit)
• Can fit into narrow bays (14′ 4″ minimum)
• Visual and audio experience that adds values to the customer

video provided by PDQ

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    1. Dick, thanks for the inquiry… John Lenz will be in contact with you today to discuss. The price of the pair of gatling gun system is $5,275.

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