Tunnel Equipment

AutoAuto Wash has recently partnered with SONNY’S and is excited to serve Colorado with this long-established and trusted brand.

SONNY’S tunnel equipment delivers unparalleled safety and reliability, while improving customer satisfaction and maximizing your profitability. SONNY’S complete car wash tunnel systems are designed to meet your specific requirements – tunnels under 100′, over 100′, Xtreme Xpress and Fleet-O-Matic.

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With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Coleman Hanna is a well established brand with a reputation for quality and reliability in the car wash industry. Coleman Hanna is the only car wash manufacturer to offer a complete line of car wash equipment including conveyor equipment, in bay automatics, self serve equipment, and support equipment. Both Coleman and Hanna products have been industry innovators throughout history and this trend continues with their latest products.

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If you are like most car wash owners, when it comes to tunnel systems you’re concerned with several key factors. You want it to be durable and reliable, you want it to perform well and consistently and you want competitive pricing. With Motor City, you get all that and more.

Motor City’s tunnel washes set the standard for quality, innovation, durability and performance — and  their prices are highly competitive. Motor City also offers Fleet Clean Systems specially designed for auto dealers, car rental agencies and fleet operators.

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Seeing the silver arches means one thing, your vehicle is in good hands. Tommy wash systems continues to be a respected innovator in the tunnel wash industry. From their low-impact, dual belt conveyors, to wireless iPad wash monitoring, Tommy Wash Systems is fully committed to bringing cutting-edge technology to the wash community.

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Hydro-Chem Systems prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality automated truck wash on the market.  Every truck wash is specifically designed to meet each individual client’s specific needs.  Hydro-Chem Systems has designed unique washes to clean flatbed trailers, van trailers, oil tankers, school buses, mining equipment, and municipal equipment.  Hydro-Chem Systems touch-less approach to tunnel systems ensures low maintenance costs and longevity of their equipment.

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NS Wash Systems responded to the needs of the transit sector and has set themselves apart by fulfilling the vehicle cleaning requirements of bus, truck, and rail operations. NS Wash Systems has the expertise to build quality wash systems that deliver a consistently clean, polished vehicle. The design simplicity of their systems deliver low maintenance and operating costs along with high customer satisfaction.

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