Cleaning Systems Inc. – Mission Statement: We are a customer driven provider of value added solutions through chemistry and application systems to those in need of vehicle cleaning and protection.

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) was formed in 1976, CSI formulates, manufactures and markets cleaning and protection products for the transportation industry. At CSI we believe that focus is an essential element in the continual pursuit of excellence. Therefore, CSI focuses solely on cleaning and protection products for transportation and actually breaks the company down into two distinct divisions to further focus resources in order to achieve our vision to be recognized as the world leader in cleaning and protection of transportation vehicles. The Lustra division is specialized in the car wash industry. The DynaEdge division specializes solely in commercial transportation. More information and links to those pages follow.

CSI’s Lustra division specializes in addressing the unique requirements involved with the cleaning and protection of automobiles. This market has many different challenges and needs when compared to other types of vehicle cleaning and protection. Lustra’s approach to this market includes the latest in technology, high quality service and an extensive marketing program.



1976-CSI was founded as a pressure washer company focused on cleaning trucks.


1980-The focus of the company was changed to the manufacturing and developing of its own detergents.

1984-Began marketing nationally to the car wash market by developing The One Step®, the first effective frictionless one-step detergent.

1987-Moved from 4,000 square foot facility to 12,000 square foot facility.


1991-Became touch-free detergent experts when Advantage®, the first detergent made for reclaim systems relying on associative technology was introduced.

1992-Expanded to a 24,000 square foot facility.

1997-Built new 67,000 square foot corporate headquarters.

1999-Sold the pressure washer division to focus on providing specialized cleaning and protection products for the transportation industry. Introduced The One Step® NC2™.


2001-Became an ISO 9001 Registered CompanyCSI proves once again that they are the technological leaders by introducing THEANSWER™, a non-corrosive low pH presoak.

2002-Achieved an industry milestone by offering a complete line of cleaning and protection solutions that was HF and ABF free.Introduced the brand “Lustra™” to appeal more to the consumer and to help the operator promote his wash.

2006-CSI celebrated its 30th Anniversary.Developed the latest innovations in Polymer Technology, CSI introduces LustraShield featuring a Total Surface Gloss.

2008-Introduced the EarthReady®environmentally friendly product line and marketing program.The Consumer Experience sales and marketing program developed which focuses on improving the consumer’s satisfaction and experience at the carwash.CSI received ISO 9001:2000 re-certification.

2009-CSI received ISO 14000 Environmental Certification.


2010-Introduced Ultraflex®, ultra-concentrated product line and equipment.LustraShield® with BDR introduced.