CustomKraftCustomKraft has developed the simplest, most reliable equipment for self-service car washes.  The components are easily accessible and engineered for durability.  Our progressive research and development program is based on dependability.  Since beginning business in 1982, our aim has been good design made simple.

Selecting the right company is an important decision.  CustomKraft has an experienced staff and a modern 43,000 square foot manufacturing plant to support our qualified representatives.  We offer consultation and facility design assistance to insure the proper equipment for your location.

The profitability of the car wash relies upon location, aesthetics of the facility, site cleanliness and dependability of equipment.  For over 20 years, CustomKraft has done all that is possible to respond to our customer’s needs.  CustomKraft’s priority is to build dependable and reliable equipment to assure a successful car wash business for all our customers.

CustomKraft carwashes consistently earn an excellent return, protecting your investment from inflation and economic turmoil.  CustomKraft systems have easily accessible components and are engineered for durability for years of trouble-free operation.

CustomKraft self-service systems are manufactured for your site and business plan. Carwashes can produce income from otherwise dormant property, using lot sizes as small as 100’ x 120’.  Facility designs may combine self-service and automatic carwashes optimizing market share.

Efficient Systems + Repeat Customers = More Income

CustomKraft’s innovative patented MultiPressure System® attracts customers by offering 12 selections per bay (50% more than other systems) and has only one hose per boom; that’s about 80% fewer hoses than other self-service equipment.  Customers stay in the bay longer, increasing your income from each customer.  CustomKraft low-pressure selections are delivered 400% faster than other systems improving customer satisfaction.

CustomKraft’s affordable and efficient use of components comes from over 26 years of manufacturing and ownership experience. CustomKraft has a trained global distributor network that specializes in carwash equipment and can advise you on the best layout and selections for your location.