Pur-Clean Spot Free Rinse System

The Pur-Clean Spot-Free Rinse system has become an important component in the car wash process.

Water spotting due to hard water and “carry-out” water (water that remains in the crevices, molding and behind side view mirror’s that is carried out with the vehicle even after hand drying) has been identified as the number one complaint from car wash customers. The Pur-Clean system and its effective use of spot-free water has become the Professional Car Wash Operator’s “Competitive Edge” and has proven to increase the customer’s perception of the quality of service received. The unique design and professionally engineered technology of the Pur-Clean system with its Water Stabilizer Pre-treatment system coupled with its ETL Stamp of approval and national network of factory trained and authorized Service Providers and exclusive Distributors has made Pur-Clean The Professional Car Wash Operator’s choice for Spot-Free Rinse systems.

The Pur-Clean Spot-Free Vehicle Cleaning system was designed primarily for Automobile Dealerships, a product that remains in production today. The Pur-Clean system utilizes the process of Reverse Osmosis to eliminate TDS or mineral content in the water provided by the local municipality or water authority. The premise behind the system was to provide New and Used Automobile Dealers a means of cleaning their inventories in the most efficient, cost effective method. The Pur-Clean Portable Spot-Free Inventory Cleaning system affords the Dealerships personnel to wash upwards of 45 vehicles per hour. The Pur-Clean system and its effective use of “Spot-Free” water allows the Dealership to eliminate the need of costly, time consuming hand drying as the entire vehicle (glass, chrome and painted areas) dries perfectly spot-free.