Unitec Electronics

Unitec Electronics - A Maryland Company

Unitec Electronics designs and manufactures carwash entry systems, accounting systems and bill changers for all segments of the carwash market. Their products allow carwash owners to offer convenient solutions; increasing customer loyalty and keeping them coming back time after time. Unitec strives to make it easy for distributors and their customers to grow and profit from their business.

Unitec’s line of premium, customizable entry systems include the Wash Select II™, Wash Select II™ POS, Wash Select II™ with Speedpass™, E-3000 and the recently released Portal TI®. Unitec offers our WashChange® bill changer in single and dual styles.

Unitec has consistently produced the most advanced hardware and software available. Unitec has the finest reputation in the industry for quality, price and after-sales service. As a customer driven company, many of Unitec’s products and their unique features were developed as a direct response to customer requests. Unitec products combine state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly operation – for customers and staff – and dependable, rugged construction. With detailed installation documentation and extended service hours, Unitec customers receive the highest level of service in the industry. Unitec’s staff is committed to growing the business through unsurpassed customer service, advanced product design and superior quality standards. As a Unitec partner, you are guaranteed the most return from your investment. Unitec products are distributed solely through carwash manufacturers and their distributors. Unitec is committed to get you the maximum return from your invested capital.

Unitec Products Supplied by AAW


Sentinal Automated Payment SystemUnitec Electronics introduces the latest in car wash entry system technology. The Sentinel is a modern, touchscreen-based car wash payment system that simplifies the customer transaction experience and increases throughput with speedy transactions. Advanced features include:

  • Large touchscreen for enhanced user-friendliness and upsell marketing capabilities
  • Flexible change dispensing options
  • Remote management access via Internet
  • Cash security with multiple layers of protection
  • Customer loyalty programs including Unitec’s ReachFree ID program

Portal TI

Portal TI Car Wash SystemInteractive marketing options, touchscreen display, secure payment technology and remote management capabilities make Portal TI your premier choice as a car wash automated payment system.  Product highlights include:

  • Loyalty programs with RFID, cards and coupons, up-selling opportunities with every sale
  • Numerous payment and change dispensing options- bills, coins or credit card via dial up or internet processing
  • Remote management to control options any time, anywhere
  • POS interface allows flexibility to sell at the register or gas pumps
  • Post-sale advertising videos
  • PCI-validated Sierra software


WashPay - Car Wash Credit Car Processing SystemThis car wash credit card payment system allows wash owners to accept credit at the self-serve bays and tie in automatic bays resulting in lower costs with a single merchant account. Utilizing Unitec’s easy-to-use Sierra Management Application, the WashPay now integrates with the Sentinel, Portal, and Wash Select II (utilizing a WashPay site server).  This integration consolidates revenue, accounting and house accounts.  Benefits of using WashPay include:

  • Remote site management in real time via secure website application
  • Reduced credit card fraud through use of internet preauthorization
  • Live sales reports
  • Microsoft Excel reports
  • Operates with PCI-approved Sierra software
  • Increased marketing opportunities using VIP Wash Pass
  • Count up operation allows freedom of customer use
  • Optional receipt printer suitable for unattended sites


WashSelectII Car Wash Entry SystemThe ‘work horse’ of car wash entry systems, the Wash Select II is one of the most secure payment stations on the market. This system can manage fleet accounts, loyalty cards, discount coupons and additional wash services (wax, tire shine, etc.). The Wash Select II will provide you with years of reliable service including:

  • Daylight-readable display with clear customer instructions
  • Heavy-duty steel case with a durable UV-protected graphic face plate
  • Mars bill validator
  • Integrated alarm switch which can be connected to existing alarm system
  • Detailed accounting reports sorted by cash, coupons, credit, token and fleet
  • Ability to interact with many other Unitec car wash control equipment like WashPay and Lane Control Systems

WashSelectII POS

WashSelect II POS - Automated Car Wash Payment SystemThis automated car wash payment system is the complete solution for retail sites like convenience stores and gas stations. When the POS 4000 interacts with the Wash Select II, cash registers and gas pumps are integrated with the car wash allowing sales at any point of purchase. The Remote POS4000 option enables owners to sell wash codes at various locations without internet connections or cables. Additional selling capabilities and accounting controls make the Wash Select II with POS a versatile management tool with features like:

  • Interface with WashPay to consolidate multiple transaction-type reporting
  • Flexibility to accept credit cards, coins, bills, tokens, VIP Wash Pass and coupons
  • Fleet accounts via multi-use codes with remote management
  • Mars bill validator
  • Detailed accounting reports sorted by cash, coupons, credit, token and fleet
  • Optional custom voice greeting
  • Complete accounting reports on demand