Spot Free Water – Reverse Osmosis 101

A Lesson on Spot Free Water using Reverse Osmosis The separation of dissolved solids and water using Reverse Osmosis membranes is a pressure driven temperature dependent process. The membrane material is designed to be as permeable to water as possible, while maintaining the ability to reject dissolved solids. Reverse Osmosis systems utilize semi-permeable membrane elements to separate the feed...

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How to Get the Driest Car Ever

How do you get the driest car ever?  Do you use more chemical?  Change chemical?  Move the dryers closer to the last liquid arch or closer? The ultimate answer may be a story of less is more.  Everyone knows that a drying agent is the key to drying a car in a tunnel or an automatic car wash. By following these tips, an operator can obtain a vehicle that is “drier” by the end of the...

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