Is It Time To Change Your Menu?

When is it time to change the services you offer to your customers? What services do you add or do away with? How do your services compare to your competitors? Is it time for a change? The carwash business is like any other service business when it comes to evaluating the services you offer. You adjust your services based on a number of market factors such as the economy, customer perception and...

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Is Triple-Foam Right For You?

Triple-Foam Makes Your Customers Happy! If a wash owner expects customers to pay $8-$10 for a carwash, the site better offer clients something special.  When tri-foam was introduced, the main purpose was to provide a unique experience for the customer. Today, however, there are many tri-foams on the market that offer various advantages and provide more than just a show. Tri-foam types The...

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Deliver the Best Product

NOW IS THE TIME TO DELIVER THE BEST PRODUCT/ SERVICES TO YOUR CUSTOMERS In these tough economic times, money is tight, and car wash owners are, understandably, looking for every way to save money. It is a buyers’ market in most every industry including the vehicle wash industry…stand out from the competition by delivering the best product for the best value. Here is some valuable advice: CHEAPER...

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