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Many car wash owners ask us to come up with new ways to increase revenue from their automatic car wash.  There are a few simple ways to enhance your automatic and bring in more revenue without spending a lot of money.  For instance, adding a triple foam system to your car wash gives the customer a “show” and allows the operator to “up charge” for the additional service.  Typically most automatics can be upgraded or retrofitted with a triple foam system relatively easily with low costs. View the 3X Color Foam Retrofit Kit here.  Additionally, a “super-sealant” such as DuraShield or Rain-x can command an upcharge of $1 to $2.  Often this can be accomplished by reconfiguring and utilizing a low application injector already available on the machines.

Another way to enhance or “clean up” an auto bay is replacing the old worn out floor treadle with a virtual treadle system.  By doing this the bay floor becomes open and inviting, free of anything for a customer to drive over.  Most of us in the car wash business realize that there are customers out there that simply have problems with the intimidation of a floor mounted treadle.  How many of those people drive away from your car wash for that reason?  Upgrading to a virtual treadle also has a maintenance benefit – no more replacing treadle bumpers, rollers, photo eyes, etc.  These virtual treadle systems can be installed in couple short days and without a tremendous cost to the owner/operator.  View the Virtual Treadle Retrofit Kit here.

For these and any other equipment upgrades that you may be considering please contact Eric Lockwood at AutoAuto Wash for a free site evaluation.

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