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Building Your Customer Base

Six Important Questions to Build a Larger Customer Base

within your reach

Nothing is more important in the carwash world today, than operators washing more cars.

Most operators who have survived the horrific “revenue drought” of the past few years would agree.

But is belief enough?

To take your wash to the next level, you must transform that principled belief into a massive action program.

How difficult and time-consuming can that be, busy operators will ask?

Six simple questions will help you understand, building a larger customer base is well within your reach.

  1. What specific actions have you taken at your wash the past 90 days to build a larger customer base?
  2. When was your last customer appreciation day?
  3. Do all of your guests receive a Complimentary Birthday Wash?
  4. Do you encourage your attendants, guests and suppliers to help you come up with attention-gaining, fun and cost-effective promotions?
  5. Have you developed a loyalty or frequency program?
  6. Have you considered texting as a time-sensitive tool to feature special packages during slow days?

Once this important discussion gets started, you can find a dozen ways to improve upon your communication with your customer base.

What will you commit to today to bring one more guest into your wash tomorrow?

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