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AutoAuto Wash has recently installed several Tandem friction machines in the Colorado area with exceptional results.  Car count at the reload sites has increase significantly year over year at these sites.  The open bay, no treadle, is inviting to even the most intimidated driver.  The flash dry is an impressive customer experience.  If you have been a head strong touchfree operator and haven’t considered a friction in bay automatic, I encourage you to take a hard look at the PDQ Tandem and compare it to the competition.

The PDQ  ProTouch® Tandem is the industry’s first two bridge, two brush friction car wash system. It has the widest top brush in the industry and utilizes both friction and high pressure wash technologies. PDQ has pioneered a new industry defining vehicle cleaning method with the ProTouch® Tandem. This superior wash system incorporates both touch-free and friction, giving operators who prefer the “clean” produced by friction systems a new choice. The ProTouch Tandem’s full-body detergent coverage and simplified two brush engineering provides consistent cleaning performance with minimal brush contact. On average, the ProTouch Tandem touches the vehicle up to 70% less than five brush car wash systems on the market.

With the widest top brush coverage in the industry, the foam brushes are torque sensitive to monitor the contour of the vehicle and provide low-force cleaning power. The side-profiling, high-pressure wash arms effectively remove stubborn soil from the vehicle’s surface. Plus, the three stage wheel cleaning system includes chemical application, rotating soft rim scrubbers and high pressure wheel blasters.

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