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The 80/20 Rule

As a professional sales person, I believed completely in the 80/20 rule.

This rule stipulated that 80% of my sales, and my best prospects for a sale, would come from 20% of the people who I had contacted or would contact in my sales activities.  In practical terms, this meant I worked extremely hard to identify properly and then sincerely cultivate a strong and trusting relationship with the most qualified people.  I knew I couldn’t be all things to all people.  So I intentionally eliminated some potential prospects because they appeared less well suited for my product or service, and thus not a good fit at that time.  This meant, in effect, that I said “goodbye” to some good prospects, as I chose instead, to invest more time and energy with the best prospects and potential customers.

As a carwash operator, you too should subscribe to the 80/20 rule.  To begin, understand that your customers are not all the same.  Identify and then focus upon your best prospects, those folks who have multiple vehicles, or who may wash their cars more frequently than other customers would.

Understand that your suppliers are not all the same, either.  Some very good service and equipment companies aspire only to be suppliers.  But the best ones, the ones you want to quickly identify and then gain their support, will also want to be a responsive and active partner in the true success of your carwash.  These value-added companies and partners will help you immeasurably.  They will help you wash more cars, and make more money.  Also, these best-in-class organizations will painstakingly strive to supply you with the best products, the best service, and a competitive price to build a mutually profitable and sustainable relationship.  As an owner, you will be richly rewarded for your strict adherence to this principle.  This formula will give your wash the best opportunity to become a financial success.

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